Children and young people are the most precious resource for a better world. Their mental health is one of the most important issues of our time. We need to educate the heart and mind within an education system that places wellbeing at the very core of its values and practices. Peer and family relationships, the wider school and neighbourhood environment, have the strongest links to children and young people’s wellbeing. MindUP provides the vehicle for whole-child, whole-school, whole-community transformation.

1 in 8 children
aged 5-19 suffer from a

mental health disorder [1]

Neuroplasticity and the science behind MindUP

with Dr Lara Boyd
University of British Columbia

Prevention not intervention

MindUP supports the mental health of children, teachers and the wider whole-school community. Social and emotional skills are protective factors for mental health. They equip children with the tools and resources to address mental health challenges that interfere with life, learning and wellbeing.

Longitudinal research in the UK has shown that good social and emotional skills including self-regulation, self-awareness, and social skills developed by the age of 10, are predictors of a range of adult outcomes, such as life satisfaction and wellbeing, labour market success, and good overall health [2].

MindUP provides pupils, teachers and parents/carers with the knowledge and tools to be able to strengthen their wellbeing through increased self-awareness, self-regulation and social and emotional competencies.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending MindUP to other headteachers”

Little Ealing Primary School


Today more than ever our children are overwhelmed, stressed and overstimulated.

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MindUP, our highly acclaimed school-based Social Emotional Learning programme.

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