The Goldie Hawn Foundation is committed to our mission to make MindUP available to all by working with partner organisations and undertaking special projects. We aim to support communities through our direct work in schools and continue to raise awareness of the positive impact of MindUP through conferences, events and media appearances. We are dedicated to the continued development of the MindUP programme, and we are eager to innovate and test new resources for schools, parents and the wider school community.

In order to meet the growing demand for MindUP, in Autumn 2019 we extended our training offer by piloting a new course for primary schools. Designed for senior leaders wanting to place wellbeing at the heart of their schools, this course is designed to equip senior leadership teams with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to take a strategic approach to embed MindUP across their school.

We are committed to building the capacity within schools to lead and sustain systemic change that will support wellbeing and academic outcomes for children and promote a connected community where everyone can thrive.

We aim for this course to be available to school senior leaders across the country from 2020/21. Please register your interest and we will contact you when the full course becomes available. Also, keep an eye on our blog and follow our social media channels (@MindUPUK) to keep updated.

I delivered the training, it went really well. I am buzzing!

- School Senior Leader (Senior Leaders Pilot)

The Brain Break is like a warm bath but without the water.

- Year 6 pupil (Senior Leaders Pilot)

6 workshops have been developed to extend the benefits of the MindUP programme to the wider community. Our research clearly highlights the benefits experienced when children are immersed in MindUP, therefore, we are exploring how MindUP can also benefit parents/carers and their families.

On this course, parents/carers develop their understanding of how the brain works and cultivate their ability to practise mindful awareness. The workshops provide tools and strategies for their own personal use and practices to use with their family; to approach life’s inevitable ups and downs mindfully, with resilience, empathy, optimism, compassion and gratitude.

The pilot commenced in January 2020.

Keep an eye on this webpage and our social media (@MindUPUK) for updates.

In 2019, our founder Goldie Hawn collaborated with Moshi Twilight to create an exclusive sleep story. This audio-only app helps children fall asleep independently using enchanting storytelling, magical music and soothing sounds.

Join Goldie on a sleepy journey as she discovers how mindfulness and sweet dreams go together, hand in hand. Download the Moshi Twilight app and listen to Goldie’s story for free.

In 2018 we launched our Grenfell Schools Project which is fully funded by The Goldie Hawn Foundation. Since its launch, our MindUP consultants have trained and supported 15 schools, 600+ teachers and 4000+ children directly affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Each school has received whole-school training, parent workshops and network meetings to support implementation. We are continuing to support the 15 schools during their second year of the implementation and beyond.

“I feel I’m a better learner, I’m more able to remember more.”

– Pupil, Grenfell Schools Project

At June 2018’s Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group Education meeting, politicians and practitioners alike were inspired by a remarkable panel of speakers. Our Founder, Goldie Hawn, spoke passionately about the foundation and her vision for creating MindUP to support children’s wellbeing and improve their educational outcomes.

Goldie was delighted to be joined by children from a MindUP school in Westminster. They shared their knowledge of the 3 parts of the brain taught in the MindUP programme, and how each part helps with learning and understanding emotions and actions.

This was a call to action for the UK government to review educational policy and place mindfulness and social and emotional learning at the heart of each and every school.

“We do acts of kindness, we give gratitude, we do perspective taking. We don’t talk about empathy; we create it”.

– Goldie Hawn, Founder


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