MindUP Activities for Children and Families

By The MindUP Team


We want every home to experience the peace and joy that MindUP brings.

At this challenging time, we want to support schools and families through this period of home-learning and home-working. Therefore, we have created free MindUP resources for children that can be accessed from any device, downloaded and printed. These new resources have been designed to bring mindful, positive and happy moments into your home.

MindUP is designed to help your child develop an understanding of their brain, emotions and actions. These activities help build their focus and awareness, and form positive relationships with others. Doing MindUP activities and practices together will support wellbeing and help encourage a calmer, happier and more optimistic home.

These new activities have been created to complement the MindUP curriculum in our schools already delivering our programme, but they also act as stand-alone activities that can be enjoyed by all.

The Brain Break

The Brain Break is the core practice of MindUP. It teaches children to focus on and control their breathing, which can help them become less reactive and more reflective when feeling anxious or stressed. The more controlled breathing is practised, the more calm and mindful they can become. MindUP schools practice the Brain Break 3 times a day, and we encourage children and families to continue this at home.

Take time to pause, listen and breathe together, this will help strengthen focus and support the emotional balance for all the family. To help you and your child maintain regular practise of the Brain Break, we have created a daily activities planner. You can listen to the Brain Break on our MindUP activities page. There is also a copy of the Brain Break script so you can practise with your child, or let your child lead you in a Brain Break together.

Our Gift to Families

As well as the activities for children, we have curated a collection of activities on our MindUP for Families page specifically designed for parents/carers. These resources have been adapted from our MindUP for Families programme and cover the 6 areas that directly link to the MindUP curriculum. Each topic includes an information sheet accompanied by practices for you and practices that you can do together as a family.

Applying MindUP activities to daily routines at home will help improve the wellbeing of the whole family by building awareness of emotions and behaviour, reducing stress and developing a more optimistic and positive mindset. One parent/carer on the MindUP for Families pilot programme said: “There’s moments where I’ve had HALLELUJAH breakthrough moments when I do something, say something, or we do something together, and it feels really good and we all feel very happy and positive.”

We are excited to be sharing these new resources with you so that you can connect and take mindful moments for yourself and with your family during this time. Keep an eye on our social media for updates (@mindupuk). We love hearing from you, let us know how you’re getting on by sharing photos and videos of your mindful moments with us on social media or send us an email at info@mindup.org.uk.

Expressions of Gratitude

“MindUP has been a saviour in this unprecedented current situation. It has enabled our provision for children to remain gold star. Children are at home taking Brain Breaks with their families. Thank you.” – Naomi Leaver, Executive Headteacher

“Excellent free activities to promote children’s mental health” – Siobhán O’Neill, Professor of Mental Health Sciences, Ulster University, Twitter

“VERY many thanks for this. Such difficult times for our young children, their families and of course our staff.” – SENCO, MindUP School, Email

“I’m really impressed with these resources” – Marie Beale, @bealemariej, Twitter

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